Clay tennis court

HAR-TRU since 1924, has been the preferred surface amongst tennis clubs and pros. It offers superior playing comfort, with the ability to slide. To achieve best results in the construction of HAR-TRU clay courts, we use laser levelling equipment.


85% less injuries on HAR-TRU clay court. The granular surface of HAR-TRU courts, makes it easier for player to slide and improves ball return.
A better bounce for a more exciting game. Longer exchanges than on hard surfaces.
Easily absorbs rain and is cooler in the sun.
Surfaces of natural green, non-reflecting stones. Does not strain the eyes or stain clothing.
Materials not harmful to the environment.
* We resurface old clay and asphalt courts with HAR-TRU.
TennTech - Construction terrain tennis
RBQ Licence: 5641-0079-01

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